Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place Apartments
A safe place to live

Temenos Community Development Corporation has been established to address the needs of the vulnerable populations; the homeless, persons with HIV/AIDS, and the developmentally delayed.  The inaugural project for Temenos CDC is the Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place Apartments.  It is a 43 unit permanent, supportive housing single residential occupancy facility.

Though the establishment of 43 apartments only puts a small dent into the housing needs of these special populations, its creation helps to expand the community’s capacity to assist in this area and establishes an additional medium through which supportive services can be accessed.  By partnering with the Bread of Life, Inc., other social service agencies and on-site staffing, the facility will have the capacity to provide supportive services to residents including but not limited to case management, life skills training, pre and post job skills development, counseling and mental health assessment. 

Picture this…While you are resting in your bed, under a warm comfortable blanket, many of our brothers and sisters in Houston will be sleeping outside on the cold concrete or wet ground with no pillow on which to lay their head.  Can you imagine sleeping outside in these elements?  Now imagine a brand new 4 story apartment building, furnished with all the essentials to build the bridge from homelessness to a hopeful future.


Confrence Area Office Area Living Area Laundry & Storage Area


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