Bread of Life is thankful for your support and generosity as your efforts and donations continue to support those who lack the basic necessities of life where food, shelter and clothing become choices rather than “givens”.  While service organizations like Bread of Life are often limited in funding and donations, the number of people requiring services is steadily increasing. It is at this time, when homeless men, women, and children, of Houston need additional resources the most.

We provide effective and necessary services to Houston’s Homeless.  We will continue to effectively address substance abuse, mental disorders, and provide services that offer medical support, meals, grooming and hygiene, and literacy and employment services for those community members in need.

St. John’s Academy will continue to offer supportive childcare services to ensure a stable environment for children at-risk. This mission deemed critical since for some, the academy is the only environment that’s offers continuity and stability to these children. We believe that our daycare curriculum with an emphasis on reading and literacy will springboard them toward ongoing academic success.

On behalf of Bread of Life, Inc. we thank you for your contributions.  Your donations of money, time and talent make a positively impacting difference.


Harris County Department of Education

Houston Endowment

Houston Independent School District


Jonathan and Connie Gregory

Rap-a-Lot Records

St. John’s United Methodist Church

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Rees-Jones Foundation

Memorial Drive United Methodist Church

United Way



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