Pathway to Hope
Feeding the Homeless and less fortunate

We serve hot meals (breakfast and lunch) daily to approximately 130 persons twice a day, seven days a week; give approximately $1,000 a month in financial assistance to individuals in need of food and rental assistance; and partner with the Food Bank to provide over 18,000 pounds of fresh produce to approximately 300 families on a weekly basis.


For many of our clients, these served meals represent their primary resource of nutrition.  The families that receive the fresh produce through the food fair often explain that without this resource they would have to choose between buying food and paying their other bills.  Through the food fair they are able to get items that they would otherwise have to do without.
In addition, we provide three (3) meals a day to the children who attend St. John’s Academy. 

The meals served to them at school are often the only food they receive throughout the week.  Many of the families we serve through the academy are socio-economically underprivileged and depend on the meals served at the school to provide for the physical needs of their children. 

We recognize that good nutrition and consistent meals are critical to the healthy growth and development of the children and the stability of the adult.  The Pathway to Hope is the means by which we assist in providing the extra needed to keep people from being hungry. 


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