The Bread of Life’s DayBreak Community Health Center programs emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to delivering care to homeless and indigent persons.  We combine an aggressive street outreach ministry with integrated systems of primary care, mental health and substance abuse services, case management, and client advocacy. 

We recognize the importance of making sure that people are treated with dignity and compassion.  We focus on their basic physical needs first then help them to assess and respond to the more chronic health issues they endure on a daily basis.  We believe strongly in providing quality, continuity of care to the individuals who see us as their medical facility and a place of

refuge.  We coordinate and collaborate with other community health providers and social service agencies to maximize our capacity to respond to their needs while ensuring that they receive the best possible care available to them.

We recognize the compound issues and symptoms affiliated with homelessness are extreme and seek to mitigate the impact of these two socioeconomic demographics by providing long lasting preventative and primary care and supportive services.



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